Risky Rina

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Rina Ellis is David’s stepdaughter. David just married her mother recently. Rina and David just got back to the hotel from the beach where Rina’s mom was making sandwiches. Rina’s mom is super excited that Rina and her new husband are getting along, but sometimes you got to be careful what you wish for. Little did mom know that Rina had the hots for her new man. Rina flirts with David unbeknownst to her mom, even though she’s in the same room. Once mom leaves, David goes in for the kill and gives Rina what she wants, some big hard dick. To top it all off, after fucking her like no man has ever, he makes her squirt in like 10 seconds flat. Amazing!

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Sexy Rina

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I get a phone call at 3 in the morning from a young lady to schedule an appointment. She seemed quite urgent due to the fact she was having a visiting uncle that had to leave for the US the next day. Noticing her haste, I write her time down in my log and wait for her arrival the next day. I hear a knock at the door. As she walks through, it’s one of the most exotic looking woman I’ve ever seen. Rina Ellis is smoking hot and her body is perfect and petite. Judging by her urgency she had no other resort but our lovely apartment, so I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse… Rina found a gold gem of an apartment, all she had to do was have a good time with us…

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